Home Providers


How is an older person or a person living with disabilities supposed to live independently while worrying about how to continue maintaining their home and paying the bills? By looking at alternative living arrangements.


Here at Hygge, we've developed a model of cohabitation that benefits everyone. 


More specifically:

  • you will collect rent while being provided help and companionship around the home;

  • you will develop a unique relationship with someone in need;

  • and you will receive a character reference upon leaving the program.

Please note: You do not have to own your home to participate. If you do not own your home, you need to obtain permission from your landlord.


Mitigating the risk you undertake by joining us is at the top of our priorities. To this end, and for your comfort, we ensure you are paired with someone:

  • who has a clean Police Background Check;

  • who you have met in person;

  • and you maintain the Power of Choice over who you bring into your home.

Rest assured, we are not replacing your independence, merely helping facilitate it.